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From ales and lagers, to saisons and IPAs, there’s something on tap for everyone. C+P aims to blend the once-great local brewing tradition with newer craft techniques and international inspirations. They have designed a rotating menu of distinctive brews and Russian-influenced dishes done their way.

Crime + Punishment is proud to be part of a thriving community. We partner with local organizations to promote the rich culture of Brewerytown. Whether sponsoring the little league or hosting Philly arts events, C+P seeks creative ways to step outside our walls and participate in neighborhood life. It’s not just a place to eat and drink, it’s a place to get to know your neighbors.

Great beer.  Great food. Great community. Crime + Punishment welcomes you.

For beer inquiries, charitable donations, promotions, distribution, or other general inquiries, please e-mail here.

For employment inquiries, please e-mail a resume and list of availability here. C&P_coasters