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Space Dogs: Belka
Blueberry and Vanilla IPA 6.5% ABV, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
She looked from her capsule bewildered by the expanse. The blues and greens and greys and browns all seemed to meld together in her mind and so came forth the inspiration for this concoction. Notes of blueberry popsicle comingle with soft notes of jalapeno and lime zest from the additions of Mosaic and East Kent Goldings hops, while a subtle sweetness of vanilla bridges the two worlds. Perhaps, the strangest of the pups yet, this brew is sure to take you on a wild journey of the unexpected.

The Three-Body Problem
Kombu Gose, 4.6% ABV, $6 13oz, $4 8 oz., $18 growler
The Three-Body Problem, after the novel by the same name, is a kettle soured gose whose salinity only comes from the 20 lbs of kombu added during the boil. The kelp is rehydrated to new life like aliens from the distant stars of Trisolaris. Notes of dank earth, minerality, miso soup, lemon zest, and wet forest floor.

Indecent Exposure : Motueka
Single Hop Pale Ale 4.8% ABV, $5 13oz., $3 8oz., $15 growler
Our single-hop pale ale continues onward. In this batch, Motueka lends a little New Zealand zest to this batch. Notes of lime zest, garlic, and tropical fruit accent the crisp, clean base beer. Enjoy!

Space Race
IPA, 7%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
In the world of IPAs, the sky’s the limit.  With this beer we journey for the first time into the Oat IPA. Oats provide a light body and creamy mouthfeel, and are a perfect foundation for the hop additions of Chinook, Citra, Mosaic, Columbus, and Simcoe. Scents of stone fruits, papaya, and wheat grass commingle with flavors of tangelo, horned melon, and grapefruit rind, ultimately leading to a clean, dry finish. Join us on the IPA journey ahead!

Oatmeal Stout, 6.5%,$6 13oz. $4 8oz.  $18 growler
This inky brew’s namesake is an enormous, demonic, and mischievous black cat, from Mikhail Bulgakov‘s novel The Master and Margarita. It’s brewed with 40lbs of oats that provide a soft mouthfeel, along with Black Patent, Roasted, and Chocolate malts , which brings flavors of Baker‘s chocolate, espresso, fig, and earthy bitters. Both charming and devious, we hope you find this Oatmeal Stout as entertaining and delicious as we do.

Gulag Uprising
Russian Imperial Stout, 12.2%,$7 10oz , no growlers
Brewed to honor the uprisings that occurred throughout the various Gulag prison camps, this dark beast of a beer was concocted using an insane amount of chocolatee and high roasted malts, along with a touch of oats. We then aged it for 2 months on cacao nibs and vanilla beans, finally adding some One Village coffee to finish it off. Join the resistance! It’s never tasted so good!

Good Timing
Scottish Export Ale, 5.4%, $5 16oz., $3 8oz., $15 growler
Named after the Scot, Christopher Galloway, who built the close for the Spasskaya Tower in Red Square, this approachable yet intricately subtle Scottish Ale is sure to please those just looking for a good beer. Brewed with Caramel, Honey, Munich, and a touch of Pale Chocolate malts, which give notes of beehive, fresh baked bread, and raisin. No frills or catches with this one. It’s right on time.

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