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Space Race
IPA 7.0%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
In the world of IPAs, the sky’s the limit. Hopped and dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe. Scents of stone fruits, papaya, and wheat grass commingle with flavors of passion fruit, mango, and grapefruit rind, ultimately leading to a clean, dry finish. Join us on the IPA journey ahead!

Square Bears
Collaborative IPA 7.2%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
In collaboration with Pizza Gutt. Brewed with Two-Row Barley, then hopped and dry-hopped with Galaxy and Simcoe. Notes of over ripe mango, sun soaked cantaloupe, piney peaches, and ruby red grapefruit.

Double IPA 8.1%, $7 13oz., $5 8oz., $21 growler
Hop aboard a trip to the moon and back with some Galaxy and Citra. Flavors and scents of mango, cantaloupe, citrus rind and trips around the Earth.

IPA, 6.5%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
An ode to the strange and ethereal instrument constructed by Leon Theremin, this IPA was hopped in the kettle with Chinook and Experimental 07270, then dry hopped with Simcoe. We get bright notes of tangerine, muscato with spruce in it, orange rind, and guava.

English Mild, 3.7%, $5 16oz., $3 8oz., $18 growler
Simple and elegant, a classic English mild with our house yeast. Saltines, Lady Grey tea and a whisper of chocolate.

Shade of Specter
Berliner Weisse w/ Blackberries and Orange Zest 4.0% ABV, $6 16oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
Between cracks in the dimensions it moves like fog through the forest. Cloaked in purple its true intentions remain hidden. A kind soul is there reminiscent of sweet blackberry jam, but a sour hiss keeps you at a distance. You speak gently. It comes to the light. A gust of wind envelopes you in cloak. A levity unknown to you before leaves your neural pathways refreshed and your sense of self dissolved.

Funeral Party
Imperial Porter w/ Dark Chocolate and Vanilla, 9.0%, $7 13oz., $4 8oz., $21 growler
There’s a deep dark tunnel leading to a saccharine shindig full of chocolate fudge covered sundaes and White Russians..

Majin Buu (Blend 2)
Coffee Stout, 5.3%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
Brewed with a plethora of roasted malts and blended with a balanced dose of Ethiopian Dry Process Guji Anasora espresso. Notes of your favorite cup of coffee, chocolate fudge, blueberry muffin, and nutty oatmeal.

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