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Space Race
IPA, 7.0%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
In the world of IPAs, the sky’s the limit. Hopped and dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe. Scents of stone fruits, papaya, and wheat grass commingle with flavors of passionfruit, mango, and grapefruit rind, ultimately leading to a clean, dry finish. Join us on the IPA journey ahead!

Poetic Nuance
IPA, 6.5%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz.
I give way to my hops.
I say to myself: the years are fleeting,
And however many hops seem to be,
We must all go under the eternal hop,
And Citra’s hour is already at hand.
When I look at a solitary hop
I think: the leader of the woods.
It will outlive my forgotten age
As it outlived that of my grandfathers.
If I dandle a young New Zealand Waimea,
Immediately I think: farewell!
I will yield my place to you,
For I must fade while your peach blooms.
Each day, and every hour
I habitually follow in my thoughts,
Trying to guess from their number
The year which brings hops death.
And where will fate send death to me?
In battle, in my travels, or on the sailboat?
Or will the hop harvest
Receive my chilled ashes?
And although to the senseless body
It is indifferent wherever it rots,
Yet close to my beloved countryside
I still would prefer to rest with the pines
And let it be, beside the barley and oats
That young life forever will be playing,
And impartial, indifferent nature
Eternally be shining in tangerine beauty.

And My Axe
Wee Heavy, 9.5%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
Deep in the Blue Mountains of Eriador, this dense and inviting liquid was formed with British harvested Marris Otter malt over a sustained 3 hour boil. Scents of sweet cherry pie lead into an intoxicating combination of fig jam covered toast and butterscotch cupcake. Let them come! There’s one dwarf in Moria who still draws breath!

Shades of Specter
Berliner Weisse w/ Blackberries and Orange Zest 4.5% ABV, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
Between cracks in the dimensions it moves like fog through the forest. Cloaked in purple it’s true intentions remain hidden. A kind soul is there reminiscent of sweet blackberry jam, but a sour hiss keeps you at a distance. You speak gently. It comes to the light. A gust of wind envelopes you in cloak. A levity unknown to you before leaves your neural pathways refreshed and your sense of self dissolved. This is peace and it’s purple.

Linger Ring
Kvass w/ Cranberries, 4.5%, $6 16oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
You know I’m such a fool for you. You’ve got me wrapped around your finger with delicious flavors of fresh cranberry juice, rose water, and lemon zest. Do you have to let it linger? Yes! Let it linger.

Majin Buu (Blend 1)
Coffee Stout, 6.0%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
The best part of waking up! Brewed with a plethora of specialty malts and blended with a balanced dose of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe espresso. Notes of your favorite morning brew, chocolate fudge, and herbaceous earth.

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