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Space Race
IPA, 7%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
In the world of IPAs, the sky’s the limit. Hopped and dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra. Scents of stone fruit, papaya, and wheat grass commingle with flavors of tangelo, horned melon, and grapefruit rind, ultimately leading to a clean, dry finish. Join us on the IPA journey ahead!

Space Dogs: Damka
IPA w/ Honey and Pink Guava 7.5% ABV, $7 13oz., $5 8oz., $21 growler
Meet Damka, our latest Space Dog Experimental IPA. Brewed with two row and a dash of pale wheat from Deer Creek Malt, some orange blossom honey from our dawg Joel at Wee Bee Brothers, and a healthy dose of pink guava purée. Hopped in the kettle and dry hopped with Mosaic, Calypso, and Super Galena. Her capsule buried in the Siberian tundra after a string of equipment failures, dreams of a honey soaked tropic beaches filled Damka’s mind. A mild mannered potion creator neared her hammock and offered this nectar. Refreshed by its lush flavors of strawberry pear jam, orange rind, mango flesh, and soft whispers of warmth, her will to live grew as she survived the night’s frigid temperatures. Rescuers would arrive at daybreak, but the true hero was the mysterious potion pal. His life saving nectar remains and you can now drink some.

Berlin Vice
Berliner Weiss 3.5% ABV, $5 16oz., $3 8oz., $15 growler
Available with added Cranberry Syrup  Brewed with wheat, kettle soured, and kissed with Citra hops, this beer is intentionally simple, refined, and refreshing. Sit back, pick up some Kafka and enjoy a pint or two.

Minimal Existence
Pale Ale 3.8% ABV, $5 16oz., $3 8oz., $15 growler
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.  This beer intends to usurp that propensity.  Brewed with wheat and oats and hopped thoughtfully with Citra and Amarillo for a soft mouthfeel with flavors of ripe citrus and stone fruits.  “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

Table Gutt
Table Beer 4.0% ABV, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
In collaboration with our dear friend @pizza_gutt! Table beer originates from Belgium were it was consumed regularly over meals.  We brewed ours with Pilsner malt and wheat, fermented to an incredibly clean and dry finish with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, dry-hopped with Lemondrop, with additons of lemon zest, white pepper, and oregano.  Notes of zippy lemon, eucalyptus, and citrus rind. We hope you find this beer as delightfully refreshing as we do.

Sudden Zest
Gose w/ Blood Oranges 4.0% ABV, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
We dreamed of a beer ideal for the warmer months ahead, and from that came the concoction before you. Brewed with wheat and oats to provide a soft and light mouthfeel, kettle soured for that lemony-lacto bite, hopped singularly with a whirlpool of Citra, with additions of sea salt and coriander in the boil, fermented with a blend of Orval yeast and Brettanomyces Bruxenellis with 126lbs of blood orange puree, and finally dry-hopped with Citra…phew… Enjoy, that’s all.

Leon Trotsky Trout
English Mild, 3.8%, $5 16oz., $3 8oz., $15 growler
“I had chosen to become a ghost because the job carried with it, as a fringe benefit, license to read minds, to learn the truth of people’s pasts, to see through walls, to be many places all at once.” Take a sip.  Enjoy the simplicity and the perspective. A delicious and rounded profile of nutty toffee and freshly baked bread is provided by the base of Maris Otter malt as well as Dutch and Double Dutch malt courtesy of our friends at Deer Creek Malthouse.  Just remember, “the only true villain in my story is the oversized human brain.”

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