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Static Bloom
Double IPA, 8.4%, $7 13oz., $5 8oz., $21 growler
Brewed with oats and hopped intensely and singularly with Citra. Pungent flavors of peach and mango unfold into a soft and resinous mouthfeel. A wonderful sipper as the days grow longer and and the sun shines brighter.

Space Race
IPA, 7.0%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
In the world of IPAs, the sky’s the limit.  Hopped and dry-hopped with  Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe. Scents of stone fruits, papaya, and  wheat grass commingle with flavors of passion fruit, mango, and grapefruit  rind, ultimately leading to a clean, dry finish. Join us on the IPA journey  ahead!

The Grod Inquisitor
Grodziskie, 4.7%, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
When we decided to start a brewery, we had no idea that something called a “Grodziskie” even existed, let alone, would pair so well with our Russian influenced menu. The beer, which originates from 14th century Poland is brewed with 100% oak smoked wheat, and is often soured. We utilize a technique called kettle souring to achieve this desired subtle tartness. Smells of smoked ham and alfalfa bring way to a taste of cloud like sausage lemonade, which finishes with a crisp, dry airiness similar to a brisk wind blowing through your arm hair.

Sour IPA w/Blood Oranges 6.0% ABV, $6 13oz., $4 8oz., $18 growler
Dating is uncertian as there is no scholarly consensus, but on linguistic and socio-cultural evidence the discovery of an ancient Persian liquid believed to have been comprised of malted barley, oats, copious amounts of juiced blood and valencia oranges, with heavy doses of Citra and Calypso hops, fermented to 6.0%, and believed, through this combination of ingredients to impart knowledge of all known knowns, has been found. We made some.
Drink the juice. See the light.

English Bitter 5.1% ABV, $5 16oz., $3 8oz., $15 growler
Imagine for a moment you are standing in an overgrown field surrounded chest high on all sides by various tall grasses. The wind is gusting in and out catching you by surprise. Brisk and bracing you welcome its interruption. Reaching into your pack to grab a scarf, you discover a jar. Within its sealed limits floats a golden copper substance. You draw in its scents. Notes of chamomile tea and apricot jam flutter like a moth through the breeze. A sip comforts like freshly baked bread, with the sturdy bitterness of orange rind.
You become one with your surroundings with each sip.

English Dark Mild 3.9% ABV, $5 16oz., $3 8oz., $15 growler
Brewed with Special Roast, Carabrown, and Pale Chocolate malts. Hopped gently with Fuggle. Notes of hazelnut, chocolate toast, and fig. Inspired by the beverages of EverQuest circa 1999.

Minimal Existence
Pale Ale 3.8% ABV, $5 16oz., $3 8oz., $15 growler
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.  This beer intends to usurp that propensity.  Brewed with wheat and oats and hopped thoughtfully with Citra and Amarillo for a soft mouthfeel with flavors of ripe citrus and stone fruits.  “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

Gulag Uprising (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
Russian Imperial Stout 12.0% ABV, $7 10oz.
Brewed to honor the uprisings that occurred throughout the various Gulag prison camps, this dark beast of a beer was concocted using an insane amount of chocolate and high roasted malts, along with a touch of oats. Aged for four months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels, then aged for an additional 2 months on cacao nibs and vanilla beans, with some One Village coffee to finish it off. Join the resistance! It’s never tasted so good.

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