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Crime + Punishment Brewing Company is located in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Our beer and comfort food unite our local history and community with the themes and characters of Russian literature.

The result is a warm and friendly brewpub experience that invites people to mingle in the name of good beer and great stories.

Brunch menu below, served Saturdays and Sundays 11AM – 3PM.

Zakuski and beverages
House Pickles (VG) $5

Green Ajika (VG) $7
Suntan Peppers, jalapeno, pepitas, preserved tomato puree 

Pickled Deviled Eggs (V) $6
Beet pickled egg, shallot rings, pickled mustard seed, dill

Cheese Board $24
Selection of 4  cheeses, also available individually

Pork Cheek Goulash $9
Braised pork jowel, beer, greens, paprika, truffled jus

Butternut Squash Pelmeni (V) $8
Thyme, parmesian, sage consomme, crispy sage

Potato Pierogi (VG) $8
Carmelized onion, cashew cream, chive, sour cream foam

Soup of the Day MP
Rotating selection

Bottled Root Beer/Seltzer $3

Assorted Kombucha $6
non-alcoholic, assorted varieties

Mushroom Stroganoff (VG) $7
Wild mushrooms, cashew cream

Roasted Chicken $8
Chicken Ragout, fennel, onion, pickled cherry gastrique

Brisek Chashushuli $10
Tomato braised beef brisket, chili peppers, cilantro, ginger

Kielbasa $8
Sauerkraut, mustard creme

Dressed Baby Kale (VG) $3Champagne vinaigrette

Sauerkraut (VG) $2

V = Vegetarian
VG= Vegan

Kitchen hours: Open – 10PM
Bar Snack items available until close.crimeandpunishment-2


Brunch is every Saturday and Sunday from 11AM – 3PM.

On Philly Muffin
Kielbasa $7
Everything Philly Muffin, Mustard Cream, Sauerkraut

Salo $10
Plain Philly Muffin, dill cream, cucumber, almond brittle

Mushroom Stroganoff (VG) $7
Plain Philly Muffin, wild mushrooms, cashew cream

Pork Pirogi  $10
Braised pork jowel, greens, jus

Potato Pirogi (VG)  $8
Caramelized onion, cashew cream, chive, sour cream foam

Baked French Toast (VG) $5
with Kahlua reduction

Bar Snacks and Beverages
House Pickles (VG) $5

Eggplant Terrine (V) $9
Roasted pepper coulis

Cheese Board $24
Selection of 4 cheeses, also available individually

Bottled Root Beer/Seltzer $3
Assorted Kombucha $6
non-alcoholic, assorted varieties

VG = Vegan Version Available

Brunch Drinks
Seasonal Mimosa – $6

Stateside Bloody Mary – $8
Made with Tomato Juice, soy sauce, lemons, limes, paprika, cayenne, garlic, and Stateside Vodka

Single Origin Coffee – $3
House made single origin cold brew featuring beans lightly roasted by our friends at One Village Coffee, a certified B corporation (which designates positive impact to society, workers, the community, and the environment), in Souderton, PA

Orange Juice – $3